About us


About Our Community

B’nai Yisrael is a local Messianic community located in Temple, Texas. It is our hearts’ desire that we represent as a family caring for each other; portraying servanthood in the community by helping one another; and displaying enthusiasm while praising and worshiping our magnificent Father. We have a hunger for His Torah and presence; a unified and well-integrated community; comfortable enough to feel a warm, heart-felt welcome in the surroundings.  Our journey is walking out the Torah and our desire is for people to be transformed into the character of the Messiah through our daily walk. We know that some may be more advanced in the Torah, but at the same time taking into consideration those in the process of getting there. Our quest as we await the return of Messiah is having a willingness to change during our ongoing learning application of the Torah, and so that we can have a Hebraic culture that maintains balance and justice within the community.


We meet, as a community, each week for Shabbat services. 

Our weekly service starts at 10:00 a.m. and is immediately followed by a time of Oneg -a communal gathering where each guest or group contributes a different, often homemade dish of food to be shared. We also take this opportunity of time spent together to study the weekly Torah portions. All are welcome to join us!


Mission Statement

B.C.A.H. — Building a Community to walk in the Ancient Hebraic method, while identifying the Father’s will and then following through in obedience!

Vision: From our Father’s perspective, Love is the most powerful motivator that compels one to be transformed 

into the character of the Messiah. In the Kingdom of the Father each of us is called to 

“Make every effort to do what leads to Shalom and to mutual Up Building”

M.T.O.I Leadership Council

We have come together with a desire for implementing the first century assembly 

model for like-minded congregations. 

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